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UpMyCV is your digital coach that guides you through your entire job application process

We all have a lot of different competencies that we've gathered over the years. UpMyCV allows you to select which of these competencies you want to showcase each time you're applying, so that your resume isn't cluttered with irrelevant information. This will give you maximum efficiency with minimum time and effort.
Having to worry about the layout of your resume should be the last thing on your mind. With beautiful and easy to use templates, we want to make sure you get to focus on the content of your resume.
When all said and done, you can have your resume analyzed by our AI, which will let you know if you're spot on or perhaps you touch up something.
With the help of our copywriting experts, you can get valuable insight for each one of your resume. Together with cutting edge AI technology and Machine Learning, you will get an edge over the competition when it gets to making that perfect resume.
By tracking each one of your job applications, you can easily stay on top of things. We'll help you make sure you never forget about a callback or appointment with a recruiter.
At UpMyCV.com, we believe that candidates are picking their dream jobs for their first job applications. It's our job to help them to get their foot in the door and enable you to suceed in your next career move.
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In today's world, on one side we have companies looking for fresh new talent with increasingly high expectations.
On the other hand, we have very knowledgable, hard working candidates who want to showcase their competencies with the constant struggle of keeping their resume game on point.

UpMyCV.com helps candidates to create their perfect resume for each job application, putting forth their relevant skills and experience. Our vast experience will also provide you with insights as to how to maximize your resume’s exposure and catch the recruiters' eye. When all said and done, you will greatly increase your chances to be called in for an interview!

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