About us

UpMyCV.com started off with a massive frustration. The frustration of one person, having one day had two interviews with two headhunting firms: one of them needed this person's Project Management skills in a private industry, while the other needed their Business Analyst skills for a government agency. Our candidate has had Business Analyst skills in the private sector, and has had Project Management skills with a government agency.

After the interview, which went seemingly well (spoiler alert: they didn't get any of the two jobs), the candidate was asked to send in two different resumes resuming everything that has been said during two two interviews. By next morning. Set ablaze by the frustration of having to write two resumes putting forth completely different skillsets in two different industries, they thought it might be easier to just create a small database that could be easily configured as to hold all of the candidates past experiences, so they can pick and choose the relevant ones, and then have a webpage generated from that. And so, the very first prototype of UpMyCV.com was born.

Today, UpMyCV.com has blown into a full-fledged web app, with the purpose of serving candidates who are struggling with coming up with a striking resume. We believe that everyone has their forte, and that may not be to write resumes. After all, the average person only changes jobs 12 times over the course of a 40-year career, while they spend those 40 years doing what they are good at. So, we are stepping in to give each candidate a chance at better leveraging their work history, so they can land an interview they otherwise may not have gotten.